How we save you Time and Money ?

Whatever the symptoms of your computer are, we can get you back and running in no time at all, giving you straight up honest answers saving you time and money. We offer a wide variety of services that's ready to fit your budget such as :

Data Syncing/Sharing/Backup/Cloning

Computer Setups/Optimizations/Installs

Hardware/Software Upgrades/Installs (Video Cards, Memory, Harddrives,CD/DVD drives,CPU,Power Supply,etc)

Internal Computer Cleaning of all Fans, GPU's, CPU, Power supply.

Printer installs (Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth)

Network Installs (Wired/Secured Wireless)

Reload/Reformat of Operating Systems

Virus/Bloatware/Malware/Spyware Removal


Pickup/Delivery Available

How healthy is your computer ?

Knowledge is key in this line of business. Without proper understanding of computer mechanics, it certainly can become a tedious time consuming task. With many dedicated years in this field, you'll be sure the job is done right the first time. Fast, Reliable and great customer satisfaction right at your fingertips !

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